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By on December 20, 2012

You will start seeing “The 40-Year Old Intern” in your business or one near you. “Returnships” will let companies audition (just a chance with no pay) professionals who are resuming their careers— average age 44.

An Article to Remember – John P. Kotter, November’s Harvard Business Review, “Change Faster”, p. 46. Read it. It basically proposes that you have to change so fast in this new normal; you basically need to run dual company structures— one to run the day-to-day business and one to accelerate change.

Bonus. Thinking Out Loud– If you cut your marketing budget to zero in 2013, what would this mean?
Answer – For 50% of companies, it would be a severe blow to the brand. For the other 50%, they would actually see bottom line increases.
Solution – Do zero based budgeting for marketing every year. If you cannot connect revenue to the marketing activity, don’t do it. The easiest money that we earn is the money we don’t waste.

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