A memorable affair with a bonus

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A memorable affair with a bonus

Melinda and Greg had been married 18 years now - and for reasons Mel couldnt explain, things just seemed stale - they had 3 kids, and from outward appearances, lived an average lifestyle - maybe that was the problem - TOO average. Mel felt she wanted and needed something more.

Mel worked out of their home doing daycare for working parents - not too many kids, some days none at all - and their own kids were all in school. Mel did volunteer work thru a local charity group, and went to weekly meetings, attended by about a dozen other volunteers. One of those volunteers had caught Mels eye - and he seemed to be quite sensitive to her presence as well.

His name was Mike, he was about 10 years older than Mel, and he ran a small second-hand store in town - wasnt wealthy, but did OK financially. Over time. Mel and Mike started staying a bit after meetings to talk - and Mel quickly found that Mike was also experiencing problems at home - and further talks revealed Mike and his wife were no longer sleeping together.

This closely paralleled Mel and Gregs situation, they had pretty much stopped sleeping together as well, primarily due to Mels lack of interest - Greg figured it was simply a stage Mel was going thru, and left it at that for the time being. As Mike and Mel continued their after meeting talks, Mel began discussing her own personal situation, and their common emotional bond grew steadily deeper.

As time went by, their discussions became longer and more personal, as they shared even closer and intimate details of their lives - Mel began asking herself the "what-ifs" about their relationship, and as their get-togethers continued, handholding and parting kisses became common - it all seemed very harmless at this stage.

As their relationship really heated up, and Mel began even more intimate what-ifs, one night after their weekly group meeting, Mel mentioned she was looking for a small end table for the front room - and Mike said he might have just what she was looking for, and why didnt she follow him on over to his store to check it out - she accepted his offer.

As they drove their separate cars to his store, the what-ifs were really running around inside Mels head - and on impulse at a stoplite, she quickly removed her bra and wiggled out of her pantyhose. Leaving her dressed only in a skirt and thin knit sweater - there were no more what-ifs, only a big WHEN and WHERE!

They pulled in at the rear of Mikes store - naturally it was now dark, and as Mike unlocked the rear entrance, Mel could see that only a single small light bulb lighted the interior of the store - and they were quite alone - Mike locked the door behind them. Mike took Mels hand to lead her thru the darkened store over to a dark corner where beds and night stands were displayed - and with a sudden move, swung Mel around and gave her a passionate kiss full on the lips as he drew her close to him.

Mel was startled at first - but quickly realized this was exactly what she wanted and was hoping for, and began kissing passionately back. Mikes hand moved up her back, and he quickly realized she wore nothing beneath her sweater - his other hand at her waist dropped down and he was aware she was naked under her skirt. 

At this point, they both fully understood where this was going, and after a couple more long kisses and caressing, Mike suggested they get prepared and began undressing as Mel did the same, Mel finished first, since she had a head start, and helped mike unbuckle his belt and out of his pants, revealing a large throbbing /erection/">erection that porn videos download was half-again as large as her husbands - then, as Mike laid Mel back on one of the beds, and followed her down, she widely spread her legs and drew her knees back to give him easy entry into her.

Mike was fully erect and hard, and Mels pussy was wet in eager anticipation of what was coming - and Mike slowly worked the head of his dick into Mel, gently but firmly - he had been without sex for months, and wasnt about to waste time now that he had wet and willing pussy right in front of him! Mel was nearly as eager, having been some time without being fucked herself. This promised to be a very animated and enjoyable experience for both of them!

Mike took a few minutes to enter Mel fully - she was very tight, and once he was into her up to his balls, he took a few minutes to simply fuck her pelvis-to-pelvis deeply with short easy strokes - then as she became comfortable with the size of his dick and relaxed, he lengthened his stroke and began fucking her strongly as the old bedsprings squeaked and squawked in protest in time with his powerful strokes. Mel felt like she was in heaven at the sensation of him slipping deeply in and out of her, holding her tightly as his balls smacked against her ass with each downstroke - the protesting bedsprings sounded like concert music to her ears.

But this was not simply a case of Mike fucking Mel - Mel was fully involved and in full participation - she wrapped her legs in behind Mikes thighs, and strongly pulled him into her on each of his downstrokes, especially when she hit orgasm and aggressively thrust her hips back into his as he stroked her the bed was literally jumping off the floor from the bouncing, and the headboard was about to disintegrate from the strain and abuse - this was an event SHARED by Mike and Mel to the fullest!

Mike had hardly fucked her for more than a xxx few minutes, when she lost it, and went into her first strong orgasm - Mike slowed his strokes, and pushed deeply into her until her quivering subsided, but continued fucking her strongly. That scenario was repeated again, as Mel was kept on the edge of orgasm - and would have undoubtedly had several more, but Mike was too short-fused, and on Mels second strong orgasm, he blew several months worth of sperm deeply into her in a half dozen hot spurts. Mel was almost overcome at the intensity and volume of Mikes /semen/">semen, and after her orgasm subsided, Mike pulled out of her, and they both sagged onto the bed to catch their breath and cool off.

Mel remained there quietly - hoping Mike had enough stamina to recharge and fuck her still more - she need not have worried Mike fucked her thoroughly 3 more times and Mel had a half-dozen more intense orgasms before they called it a night. By the time they were done, Mels pussy was reddened, well used, and oozing the overflow of sperm Mike had shot into her - she cleaned up in the small store bathroom before returning home - but noticed with pleasure that there was so much of Mikes sperm inside her it kept leaking out all night long - she happily told herself, now THAT was Olympic-class fucking!

She never did get her end table...

But she DID return to Mikes store every week after that over the next few months - she had a small suspicion after a few weeks - that grew more definite as the weeks passed, until there was no longer any doubt - and after one of their world-shaking fucking sessions, told Mike he was going to be a father - she was /pregnant/">pregnant with his baby - probably that first night. She had not been with her husband at the right time for him to be the father - she hardly fucked him anyway, saving herself fully for Mikes attentions. She said Mike need not make any plans - Greg thought the baby was his - and she didnt plan to tell him otherwise unless Mike had other suggestions or plans.

Mike didnt - by this time, though he liked Mel a lot, last thing he wanted was a permanent family situation again - the sex had been great - but that was all he really wanted when it came right down to it - they met a few more times for animated sex - but that was about the end of the line - as are most such affairs...

After another 6 months passed, Mel gave birth to healthy twin boys - who looked EXACTLY like their father - a lasting souvenir of a memorable affair.