Take My Breath Away

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Take My Breath Away

Josh sat at the beach alone one late Friday night. He'd been invited to a bonfire with some of his friends from high school, but for some reason he left the /party/">party needing time alone. He was another eighteen-year-old graduate who had no idea what he was going to do with the rest of his life. There were so many things to study, yet he couldn't pick what to study and if he did he might be stuck doing that for the rest of his life. He didn't want to be that way. He wanted to do something different with his life.

He sat alone on the sand with nothing but a small blanket underneath him. He looked around seeing happy bokep sma pecah perawan youths squealing and cheering for finally be able to go out into the real world. The real world that sounded scary. He was miles away from the crowds of celebrating youths and yet he could see hear them. The bonfires looked like small dancing lights from his view.

Josh often felt alone and he knew after the summer was over, he'd never be able to see his friends much. It was such a sad time, why couldn't these other teens understand that? He laid down looking up at the bright sky. The stars were sliver chandeliers hanging from the sky and he only wished he could go back in time, back to when things were easy and he was happy. He felt his eyes heavy as he gazed up at the sky. The breeze was light brushing on his skin almost hypnotizing him as he fell in a deep sleep.

He woke up suddenly to the sound of a /sweet/">sweet feminine voice humming a beautiful tune. Josh still in a daze, got up feeling his head hurt. He had no idea what time it was or how long he'd been asleep, but the sky was still dark. He looked all around to see who was the beauty behind the soothing voice. He didn't see anyone and it seemed like all the graduating teens had left home. The beach was deserted now, but Josh knew he wasn't alone.

Getting back to his feet he felt dizzy as he gathered his blanket from the sand. The beautiful humming continued but he didn't seem to see who it was. As he started to walk back to his car, the humming got louder making him turn around instantly. What he saw was a girl in the water. He was puzzled as to why a girl would be all alone in the sea this time of night. He put his blanket in his car and walked over to the water letting his bare feet get wet.

"Excuse me? Are you OK?" He yelled out over the noisy water.

He heard the girl laugh softly. The most beautiful laugh he'd ever heard. "Come in here with me." She said happily.

This girl must be insane! Josh thought for a minute.

"No I have to get going home. It's late already. Now I don't want to leave you here all alone."

She continued swimming happily in the water splashing around. "Please join me in here. The water feels great tonight. You're going to love it! Please!" She begged so sweetly.

Josh felt hopeless to talk to this obviously /crazy/crazy-girl/">crazy girl. He threw his hands up in the air and began to walk away. After all she wasn't his responsibility. Was she? As he started to walk away she hollered loudly making him stop dead in his tracks.

He turned to see the girl getting closer to shore waving at him. "Please Josh." She said making his heart almost stop.

"How in the world do you know my name?" Josh asked almost /scared/">scared.

She laughed again sweet as ever. "I know you very well. I know you're scared of what the real world has for you."

Josh was stunned and was almost frozen listening to the girl. "W-who are you? Do I know you?"

She dived down and back up now drenching her long hair. "Come in here with me please! Don't make me beg too much. I don't like that."

Josh shrugged and was about to dive in but she stopped him immediately. "Wait! Take off your clothes! You can't dive in her all clothed up."

Josh swallowed hard. He'd never been naked with a girl and he sure as hell never gotten naked with a stranger. "No way. Is this some sort of joke my friends have set me up with?" He said in anger.

The girl moved closer letting him finally be able to view her with the moonlight. The girl was no girl. She was something else alright. She was absolutely stunning. Her hair was dark as night and super long. It looked like it had to be at least up to her waist. Her eye color was still a mystery, which now Josh was longing to discover.

"This is no joke Josh. Please? Trust me it's going to be so much fun." She splashed in the water again humming her old waman xxxgx sweet tune.

Josh knew this was too bizarre. He looked around again to make sure none of his friends were watching him and laughing at him if he got naked. The beach was absolutely abandoned. He felt his heart racing with fear and yet excitement of getting naked in the water with this beautiful girl. He still hesitated.

"Why don't you come out here? We can talk out here can't we?"

She stopped swimming and floated in the water. She stared hard at him with pleading eyes. "I can't go out there. I'm naked. Please just join me and we can swim and talk. I bet you've never done that with a girl."

Josh scoffed. "No I haven't but then again no girl has ever asked me to swim naked with her."

"Hmmm that's strange. You're really a handsome guy. I can't figure why a girl wouldn't invite you to do something so fun and sexy."

Handsome? Josh thought to himself. He'd never considered himself handsome but he wasn't horrific looking either. He thought he was too skinny and way too tall. His eyes were a dark blue and his hair was almost always messy in a shade of dark brown. This girl was not going to quite until he removed his clothes and joined her in the water.

"Oh ok I'll get naked but can you turn around please? I'm not used to presenting myself to just anyone."

The girl giggled and did as he requested. Josh's trembling hands were slowly removing his clothes. He took off his t-shirt first looking down at his flat stomach and skinny arms. Then his dark blue cargo shorts came off leaving him in his boxers. He decided to just keep his boxers on and was going to enter the water that way when suddenly the beautiful girl turned around.

"I said all naked please."

Josh quickly tried to cover himself up. "I told you to turn around."

"Yes you did but you also said you were going to get naked. That means to even take off your underwear. There is no point coming in here with your underwear while I'm completely naked is there?"

Josh knew she was right. He didn't like people cheating or tricking him so why should he do that to this beautiful girl who was the first girl ever to invite him to do something so sexy.

"Ok, Ok I'll get naked but I have to go soon. I don't even know what time it is."

The girl didn't respond and just continued to swim happily. Josh's boxers came off and he was left completely naked trying to cover up his cock. He slowly walked to the water feeling the coldness of the night water touch his skin. His skin shivered at the touch of cold water but slowly got used to the feeling. He floated his way close to the beautiful girl. Finally he was there right in front of her looking at the most enchanting face ever. Her skin was white and completely flawless and her eyes were the bluest he'd ever seen on a person. They glowed with joy as she smiled at him.

"Finally you join me! Oh Josh don't you know how wonderful it is to have you here with me?" She was swimming closer to him.

"What's your name?" He blurted out.

She didn't say anything and just put her arms around him. Josh swallowed hard feeling her obvious /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts pressed against his chest. She looked at him and stroked his hair. His cock was slowly getting hard even in the cold water, which was now starting to feel warm.

Josh boldly put his arms around this /gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl. This /gorgeous/">gorgeous stranger that had suddenly come into his life. Her long hair was soft as silk and her skin felt like soft rose petals.

"Josh you can kiss me you know." She said softly.

Josh didn't hesitate and leaned down to kiss her soft lips. It was the most amazing kiss he'd ever experienced. Her bottom lip was so pouty that he sucked on it as she moaned so sweetly letting him know she was enjoying it. Her /sensual/">sensual tongue quickly met with his. They kissed so seductively as if they'd been lovers for years.

Josh had never known a girl to be this forward with him or this physical. This girl must have tons of guys drooling over her and she had the power to make a guy do almost anything for her. It felt like forever that he was kissing her and feeling her beautiful body until their kiss broke. The young girl raised herself up and tossed her long hair back letting him get a view of the pair of the most beautiful breasts ever!

Her nipples were so erect and large. They looked somewhat of a dark pink color and her creamy breasts were at least a small d-cup size. He gasped as he stared at her bare chest and she bit her lower lips as she slid her hands around her breasts as if she was massaging them. He just looked at her touching her breasts and felt his cock want to be between them feeling how soft they were.

"Do you want to feel them Josh?" She asked sweetly.

Josh could only nod and moved forward reaching out his shaky hand to feel her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts. He sighed hard as her felt her soft breasts with each hand cupping them and moving them around. She closed her eyes feeling his touch. She'd been dying to have a real man touch her like this, feel her woman parts.