My sisters friend

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My sisters friend

This happened a full hd xvideo download few months ago when my parents were out of town. Me and my elder /sister/">sister were alone at home. This night she called two best friends home for a nightstay. Scine our house was 1bHK sleeping arrangements were decided as my sister and her friends will sleep down on floor over a mattress and I could enjoy the bed, one her friend was not comfortable sleeping on floor so she asked me if free porn movies download I minded sharing half bed with her, now she was tall, fair, ultimately beautlful, she had an ass to die for and the breasts were simply great and huge. I just wanted to fuck her real /bad/">bad but at the same time she considered me just as her brother and we agreed on sharing bed.

After a few minutes when I went into the kitchen to grab myself a cola I saw her going to the washroom, she went inside and closed the door but the door of my washroom was a little misconstructed allowing a little space between the door and the wall and we could peep inside, I took a look inside, I saw her taking her pajama off and pissing, Her pink vagina was so sexy that my dick got harden and I dropped the cola. She noticed the sound of something falling down.
Then I went back to bed and simply acted that I was asleep. She switched of the lights and slept beside me.

For an hour or two I pretended I was sleeping, but then I turned over and moved towards her, I made sure she was asleep. Then I slowly put my arm over her and felt her boobs, after sometime she turned to the otherside it was then when I grabbed her ass. she couldn't make out nothing as she was asleep. Then she truned over me and in sleep hugged me as if I was her teddy bear. I hugged her tight.

Suddenly she brought her mouth close to and kissed me, I was shocked and nerves, she slowly wispered that she knew I wanted her and was watchin her pissing. Since my sister and her other friend were sleeping the same room we couldn't fuck that night but we did a lot of sexual stuff. we both kissed passionately and got under each others clothes, she slowly put her hand inside my pants and started rubbing my dick, I dropped al the wet on her hand.

The whole night we held each other and slept in same blanket of lust.