A Story for You

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A Story for You

You lay on your bed; the lights in your room are off except for the one by your bed. The storm disturbs you; rain pelting the window as sexxxx video ful hd lightning illuminates the room. I come in and see you looking distressed, I ask what?s wrong and you tell me how storms frighten you. I walk over to you and sit on the bed next to you; putting my arm around you I draw you close to me. The smell of your perfume fills my senses as i hug you; I hold you close as the storm releases its full fury around the house. The lights flicker you, startled you move closer to me, not ready for this my hand slips and touches your breast. I mumble a quick apology and begin to move my hand; you stop me and put it back in place. I turn my head to look at you and you look back, your eyes fill my vision and for a brief moment all else ceases to exist. You suddenly become my world and I long to dive into the pools that are your eyes.

I barely notice that i keep getting closer to you until you tilt your head slightly, I begin to pull back and you lean forward returning it. My inhibitions about this moment disappears I draw you closer to me, all else disappears and the world consists of just us as we kiss. I tilt my head and you move your lips back and forth like a dance that quickly becomes a swordfight as your tongue lashes out to touch mine. I hold you close as we dance back and forth like a complicated ritual. My hand Begins to move up towards your shoulders as I hold you preventing any escape, your arms wrap around me and draw me in.

My hand goes down your back and is joined by the other one at the base of your spine. You break the kiss and lean back; you push my hands off then hugging yourself you lift up removing your shirt. I look down at you watching every move as you teasingly bring your xxx sex video download free com hands back and slowly unfasten your bra. You slide it down slowly revealing with each everlasting second more and more of your perfect anatomy. You pause halfway down and look at me, taking my cue I remove my shirt and it joins yours on the floor. You resume your movements, teasing me as you move even slower until you just let it drop off exposing your smooth breasts which are enhanced by your pink areolas.

A cold draft crosses your chest and your nipples stand at attention. Goosebumps cover your body, seeing your chill I hold you close, my heat warms you up the feeling of your bare chest against mine is beyond anything else. I can feel our hearts pounding away as I look down at you; you look back up at me and just say "please". I nod and slowly push you back till you are out stretched on the bed. I sit next to you and let my fingers dance across you body like a feather, my fingers move across your skin down your chest zigzagging back and forth until I reach your breast. Moving ever so delicately I trace small circles around each of your breasts.

I lean down and blow on your erect nipples and you gasp, leaning forward I kiss you. I ask if youre sure and you nod, my hand goes down and unbuttons your jeans. You arch you back allowing me to slide them off; you lay there looking so beautiful, nude except for a pair of thin tight black panties. I stand up and move to the side of the bed, as i undo my belt and strip, all seven and a half inches spring forth at the sight of you on the bed. I sit back down and begin to pull your panties down, your bare shaven pussy stands out a testament to your beauty. I lean down and kiss you after I finish removing them; my hand begins to massage you getting you prepared. I rub my fingers against you slowly in little figure-8s, I stop suddenly just to tease you and then begin anew. My fingers /tickling/">tickling and rubbing you enough that I am at last able to sink two fingers in.

As I move it in and out slowly I begin to rub your clit with my thumb, it goes over it slowly and softly, just barely touching. I rub a little bit harder and I feel your body tense up as if pumped with an electric current; so I rub just a little harder, still barely touching but hard enough that you can feel the rough skin. I can feel you seize up and hear you beginning to breath hard, your body tenses, you begin to sweat a little, and you moan. After a bit I finally pull my fingers out, soaked as they are in the essence of your orgasm that is just beginning to subside. I can tell that you are finally ready for me so I position myself by the entrance to your beautiful pussy. Once again I ask if your sure, upon your nod i push the head of my shaft towards your entrance. I pause slightly just barely touching, then begin to press inwards. Sliding it in slowly I can see it on your face that you aren?t used to anything my size; i push in a bit farther until its sunk in halfway then pulling out I then slam it home sinking it all the way. I knew it hurt you but I continue to move, going in and out slowly at first but gaining speed. Your look of pain turns to one of pleasure as you relax and I am able to move smoother, moving with a pace like that of a heart beat.

I become aware once again of the storm outside as I begin to hear your moans of pleasure. I look at you and a flash of lightning illuminates your beauty, you tell me to sink it all the way in and I do, timing my thrust with the thunder clap. I begin to pull it out, and then sink it back in, working methodically as I pump. I lean down to kiss you and our lips begin the dance anew as my hands work your breasts. You wrap your arms around me, nails raking my back, pulling me closer to you. I break the kiss as you begin to /climax/">climax again; the walls of your vagina milk me, pulling as much from me as they can squeeze. I inhale deeply as my load is ripped from my body and draw into yours, the sudden release of pleasure racks our bodies.

We kiss again, with our tongues together we form the ultimate connection. Slowly your body returns back to normal, and you relax enough that I can pull out. I tell you that i love you, kiss you, and then lay down beside you. You put your arm over my chest, smile and fall asleep. The storm outside has stopped now and I smile, thinking about how much you mean to me I close my eyes and fall asleep.