Ward 4D

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Ward 4D

Nurse Beatrice relaxed, she was sitting firmly on the face of her most recent victim, a small boy. She felt his small frame strain and wiggle under her desperate for air. Then it hit her like a wild out of control freight train, a massive orgasm swept over her. Again and again waves of /hot/red-hot/">red hot /raw/">raw passion coursed through her body. Then, as quickly as it had come, it subsided, her victim had died at it?s height, an inadvertent casualty to Nurse Beatrice?s multiple orgasm.

Slowly she climbed off his inert body. Her legs ached and she had to steady herself by leaning against the bed. Just then there was a knock on the door.

?Nurse Beatrice,? came a familiar voice, time for your rounds.? Nurse Beatrice now stood and smoothed out her rumpled uniform as best she could. ?Thanks Gayle, I?ll be right there. Oh by the way have someone remove my latest kill.? ?Sure thing,? replied Gayle.

In this society or alternate universe as some might call it, facesitting was a perfectly legal diversion. Not may women did; either they couldn?t physically or had other interests. Nurse Beatrice had always enjoyed the smother. Her first ?attempted? kill had taken place in this very hospital, Midlands General.

It was a fiasco, Beatrice, a very young girl had broken her arm on a swing. One day a nurse, what they call ?Candy Stripper,? came in to check on her. Beatrice pulled her to the bed and began smothering the terrified teen. The girl, a pretty young thing just lay still and accepted her fate. The smothering went on for hours but no matter how hard she tried she couldn?t smother her.

That young Candy Stripper lived and grew up. She was now a beautiful mature women. Tiffany or ?Tiff? to her friends had become a nurse like Beatrice. In fact she was now working at Midlands General right alongside her. They were now very close friends and confidants. Though neither of them talked about that day long ago when Beatrice tried to kill her.

Refreshed from a splash of water to her face Nurse Beatrice walked out of the quiet of her private room and into a crowded hallway. Gayle a tall thin, no nonsense style nurse and the ever present Tiff were there to greet her. Gayle handed Nurse Beatrice a clipboard. It had all of the penitent data related to the patients residing in the infamous Ward 4D; Nurse Beatrice?s primary responsibility. Tiff /hung/">hung back and let Gayle, the night nurse, bring Beatrice up to speed as to the latest going?s on in the ward.

Tiff was a shy women and always hung back but she was always there to whisper words of encouragement to Beatrice. The responsibility of Ward 4D hung heavily on Beatrice?s shoulders and she gladly accepted any advice possible.

Beatrice stood at 1.5 meters tall and was 45 years of age. She had short cut light brown hair. She liked it cut short, it was more efficient. She was good looking and, when young, had been a real stunner. Now she was what some might say past it. Nurse Beatrice enjoyed the company of men but the smother provided her all the sexual pleasure she needed. Being a mother with a devoted husband and kids just wasn?t for her. No, she was devoted to her job, nursing was everything to her. Dreaded cellulite was beginning to make encroachment upon her ever widening thighs. Still many a young male victim looked up with pleasure when her naked body descended upon them.

Nurse Beatrice had one short stop to make before her daily inspection of Ward 4D. She made a quick stop off at the Hospital cafeteria and bought a thick ham and cheese sandwich and extra large black coffee. Nurse Beatrice proceeded at a brisk pace to an exit.

Once opening the door to the outside she was greeted by a blast of cold outside air. She and Tiff found themselves standing on a bare concrete floor. The walls were nothing indian santali xvideo more than open steel girders. The wind howled with unrestrained fury through the unfinished steel and concrete.

Midlands General was a mere few blocks from a large lake. In the winter the wind blew across it?s surface and slammed full force into the only substantial structure to oppose it. In the summer it was another matter. The blue of the lake and pretty sails of sail boats could be seen. The wind from the lake was welcome then, offering a fresh breeze to the heat oppressed people of Midlands.

Nurse Beatrice pushed aside large clear plastic strips that hung about the unfinished wing. The unfinished wing was a concrete and steel tribute to a since fired hospital administrator that had ambitions beyond what the hospital could pay for. It would be forever jokingly named after him ?Newman?s Boondoggle?.

Nurse quickly found her, Maude as expected situated near a heat vent. Maude was one of those colorful characters. She was an old tramp that took up more or less permanent residence in Newman?s Boondoggle. She was a toothless likeable old lady with a quick wit and always some wild tale to tell.

There were several blankets pulled around her and there, just barely sticking out, were the feet of a small boy. Maude, aside from being a street lady, often enjoyed a good smother.

?Where you?d get him?? Beatrice asked with a smile. Maude proceeded to tell of her encounter with the boy. It seems mother and son were both headed into a convince store. Maude, panhandling nearby just reached out and led him away, right in front of the protesting mother. ?He?s been a right treasure, let?en old Maude work his little nose all around inside me. Want a look at him?

Maude then hiked up her dirty dress and spread her legs wide. Nurse Beatrice saw only the top of his head. He had light brown curly hair. With difficulty the boy arched his head back and looked out. His brown eyes, partially obscured by Maude?s jet black pubic hair, looked up at her. The small boy?s eyes were wide with terror. Maude smiled and asked Tiff if she?d like a look. Maude seemed upset over this and quickly covered her small victim. Maude, as with many of Beatrice?s friends, didn?t seem to care for Tiff. Just the mere mention of her name often resulted in cold stares.

Beatrice sighed and handed Maude her coffee and sandwich. As she left Maude to her sandwich and coffee not to mention her delicious victim Beatrice turned to Tiff. ?Don?t mind her, she?s a bit of a crank you know.? Tiff just nodded in agreement. Returning to the warmth of the /nurse/hospital-nurse/">hospital nurse Beatrice proceeded towards her area of responsibility, Ward 4D.

An armed guard sat at a small desk just outside the ward. He smiled and didn?t even bother to check her ID badge. Why should he, Nurse Beatrice had been in charge of Ward 4D for the last 10 years and was familiar to everyone. ?Anything unusual Frank,? Nurse Beatrice asked politely. ?Naw, just boring as usual.? he replied with a yawn.

Upon entering the ward Nurse Beatrice immediately went over to the main desk and signed in. The duty nurses were polite but seemed to act as if something was a miss, something wrong. There was tension in the air, Nurse Beatrice couldn?t put a finger on it though, like something brooding just below the surface.

Ward 4D was reserved for women with severe emotional problems. Another common trait amongst them was that they all smothered. The first women for Beatrice to visit was Dr. Sanchez. She was once a history professor. She had always enjoyed a good smother, all of the women in her family were also well adapt at the female smother. One day while giving a lecture she just snapped. She?d been in Ward 4D ever since. The psychiatrist agreed, her nervous breakdown had to do with her constant over achieving nature. She?d pushed herself too hard and couldn?t handle any more.

Dr Sanchez was of Hispanic origins, she was a short heavy set woman and about 55 years old. She preferred the 69 smother position and was, as expected, mounted atop a young man. The good Dr. Preferred young men and had consumed a number of them through the years. Dr. Sanchez was one of the patients in residence in Ward 4D for 18 years.

Her room was large with a small bathroom and kitchenette. The alain lyle porn walls were painted in bright colorful colors with a few rather generic landscapes. The over large bed dominated the room. Dr. Sanchez was laying on the face of her victim facing his feet. Her legs were spread wide and the male?s nose pressed deep into her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. She had his pants pulled down and was busy sucking hard on his erection.

?Now now,? Nurse Beatrice said, ?You?re not supposed to be doing that.? Dr. Slowly let the young man?s erection slide from her mouth. ?Sorry, but I don?t think he?s going to complain.? They talked briefly but during the whole conversation she kept up a deep steady hip grinding, smothering her helpless victim.

Dr. Sanchez had a number of well read history books laying about. Some of which she had written. Dr. Sanchez went on to explain that the young man she was smothering was a college student. He came to visit her to ask some questions for a college paper. That was a most deadly mistake. Nurse Beatrice wished the /doctor/">doctor well with her current smother and proceeded to her next patient.

Here next patient was a recent addition to the ward. She was very violent having stabbed her mother and father to death. Nurse Beatrice had to go through two sets of doors and double locks to get into her cell. Like Dr. Sanchez?s room it was spacious with a small bathroom. There was no kitchen available for her, food and victims would be brought to her.

The patient was named Katrina Young. She looked to be in her mid teens and was short and frail. Her short cut mousy brown hair was always disheveled. She was surely and hated everyone and the girl often had angry and violent outbursts. She did treat her victims with care and never harmed them, except for the smother that is. Though young and of small stature she was a capable and deadly facesitter. That was a surprising feat especially since she preferred grown men as victims.

?What do you want bitch nurse?? Katrina said with a snarl. The girl was laying on a wide bed with her back to the head board. She was totally nude and her legs were bent and spread wide apart. A fully grown male, Nurse Beatrice judged to be in his mid-thirties, lay on his back. His head was fully pressed to her crotch with his nose deep inside Katrina?s vagina. She had both her hand on the back of the mans head, holding him in place. Every now and then the man would move his legs about or arch his back, desperate to escape Katrina?s deadly embrace.

?Comfortable?? Beatrice asked. ?Go ta? hell.? was the terse reply. ?You should try to be more accommodating to get along better with people.? Nurse Beatrice stated in a soft tone. ?What?s in it for me?? she replied. Nurse Beatrice thought for a second. ?Well there?s this very cute young man waiting for his wife to give birth. I could arrange for him to be your next victim.? That got the girl?s interest and she loosened the tight grip on her victims head. He was desperate for air and tried to pull his head from between the deadly embrace of her legs. It was to no avail, she held him down tightly. Katrina ignored him and looked intently at Nurse Beatrice.