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February 9, 2016

Staying, Selling, or Praying

December 15, 2015
Wayback Burgers IPO

“Wayback Burgers Uses a Different Kind of Advisor” by Sarah Pringle

The following article was written for TheDeal.com by Sarah Pringle, 12/15/2015: A company exploring its strategic options tends to hire an investment bank to advise on such...
June 6, 2013

Why the Tumblr Deal Is a Disaster for Entrepreneurs

I have never met a fast-growth Entrepreneur that I did not like. Sure, some are weird and scary smart, but what I like about fast-growth Entrepreneurs...
May 29, 2013

The Unsung Heroes of Fast-Growth Companies

Academia and media tend to focus on leaders. As a result, they often miss the importance of the unsung heroes in disruptive, fast-growth companies who make...
May 7, 2013

Where the Happy Talk About Corporate Culture Is Wrong

“Tell me something I don’t know,” is what I think every time I see another article, blog post or book on the value of happy employees....
May 2, 2013

Fighting the Consultant Temptation

Most small businesses won’t touch them with a 10-foot pole, but corporate America has had a long, slobbering love affair with them. I am talking about...
April 19, 2013

Why ‘Innovate or Die’ Is a Lie

“Innovate or die” is an expression you hear tossed around a lot. It tells me quickly that the people using it are not really all that...
April 12, 2013

Debating the Merits of Hiring Great Recession Graduates

Intrigued. Inspired. Insulted. I summoned all three feelings as I glanced through the responses to my last post, “Why I Like to Hire Great Recession Graduates.”
April 5, 2013

The Next Level on LinkedIn Today

You can read the full article here: New York Times Cliff Oxford’s most recent New York Times blog entry, “Why I Like to Hire Great Recession...
April 3, 2013

Why I Like to Hire Great Recession Graduates

Pampered. Pragmatic. Persnickety. These are not the employee attributes that build fast-growth companies, but all three describe a group of employees that fast growth Entrepreneurs must...
January 29, 2013

Oxford Entrepreneurs University

On AJC: Live, learn, work, and play project planned for Gwinnett County. A Gwinnett County site once proposed for Georgia’s first gambling complex could instead become...